January 23

10 Minute No Equipment, No Excuses, Metabolic Fat Torching Workout


Strength training should be the #1 choice for anyone looking to burn fat for its effect on the metabolism. However it is complimented very well by interval style cardiovascular training. This top video is a 10 minute follow along workout that can be done with no equipment and very little space. If you go hard, you will create a serious after burn effect for the next 24-48 hours.

The bottom video is the exact science of accelerated fat loss. If you are serious about wanting to get fit than you would do well to watch that one in its entirety as well. Don’t forget to bookmark the page for future use 🙂

Beginner standard: 1 round

Intermediate standard 2 rounds (90 second rest between each)

Advanced standard 3 rounds (90 seconds rest between each)


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