July 15

3 Ways to Recover After Your Workout


If you have been pushing yourself during your workout, without making sure you rest and recover, you may be experiencing results that don’t feel all that good. By giving your body time to restore itself, you are giving yourself the best chance at coming back stronger and reducing the risk of injury. Consider some of our best practices to improve your workout recovery time and get stronger every day.

1) Get more rest.

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential to your overall health, both mentally and physically. But you might be missing one of the benefits of sleep to your post-workout recovery if you aren’t getting enough rest. You want to be sure you get seven to eight hours of sleep, which will help you with your workout performance and your recovery time. If you are the type to exercise or train earlier in the day, take a short twenty-minute nap a couple of hours after your workout, which won’t get in the way of your nocturnal sleep.

2) Improve your protein intake.

Protein helps the body in a variety of ways, and the benefits of protein vary based on the time you are eating it. For example, eating protein right before bed, such as Greek yogurt, which is rich in protein as well as dairy, can help your muscles repair while you sleep. Having protein in during the morning can help rebuild your muscles and give you an energy boost for the day. If you haven’t eaten for a while since finishing your workout, make sure you get a protein boost afterward between 20-50 grams, based on your weight. Chocolate milk makes for a great post-workout snack.

3) Drink plenty of fluids.

Any athlete or individual with an active exercise lifestyle knows that hydration is essential to your body’s wellbeing. Having a proper amount of water before and after a workout helps prevent dehydration. Many people have water before a workout but forget to do it afterward, which can lead to dehydration. If you sweat excessively during your workout, replacing the fluids in your body is even more essential. 

These simple tips we have listed above are the easiest ways to make sure you recover after a workout and reduce soreness. Keep in mind though as you continue to push yourself during your workouts, some soreness is expected. Raw Fitness offers personalized coaching sessions to get you to your best physical self.


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