April 6

$5000 Grand Prize Lake Ready Challenge


* $5000 Grand Prize
* Contestants will be placed in teams of 5
* Challenge is 6 weeks in length starting 5/1
* Weigh ins will occur prior to the start of the competition (4/27-29), in the middle of the challenge (5/18-20), and at the end of the challenge (6/12-13).
* Team with the most combined % of fat loss and/or % of muscle gain will split the $5000 grand prize
* Non-members will be able to take (3) 45 minute group fitness classes per week as a part of their entry
* Must have a minimum of 8 teams in order to hold the competition

Entry Packages

* Non-Member Basic- $159

* (3) 45 minute high energy group fitness sessions
* placed on a team
* potential to partake in the grand prize winnings
* 1 motivational email per week
* placed in our private FB group
* a host of nutrition tips and healthy recipes

* Non-Member VIP- $279

* All the features of the basic package plus
* (4) 60 minute personal training sessions for use during the 6 week challenge
* Unlimited access to our small group fitness classes and facility during open gym hours

* Member- $79

* Use of the gym in accordance of your current membership
* placed on a team
* potential to partake in the grand prize winnings


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