January 14

6 Practical Ways to Battle the Negative Effects Your Sedentary Job Has On Your Body


We specialize in training people who live busy lives and need to get the most out of their fitness in the least amount of time. Society has taken a technological turn which has evolved most of us in to what I would now call “computer man.”


We try not to pour fitness on dysfunction. This sedentary position has some detrimental effects on the body which can seriously perpetuate injury. Here are 6 great ways to stop the “computer man” syndrome from affecting your ability to reach your fitness goals.

1) Stretch out your hip flexors.
If you sit at a desk or spend a lot of time driving, your hip flexors are used to being in a shortened position. This can shut down your glutes and core and perpetuate low back injury.

2) Activate your glutes daily.
Sitting on your money maker can cause a lot of dysfunction. It is the strongest muscle in the human body and should participate in any lower body activity. If it doesn’t then something else will take on extra stress. This is the #1 cause of injury we see in the weight room aaaaaand it makes it very difficult for your pants to stay up. Lose the belt, work your butt.

3) Take a walk.
Get up and out and stroll for 15 minutes. It clears the mind and tells your nervous and vestibular system they still have a reason to pay attention.

4) Hydrate properly.
This is most effective while moving around. If you just drink while you sit then the water might pool n your bladder and not make it to your extremities. ½ ounce per pound of bodyweight is a good guideline.

5) Work on your upper back.
Foam roll your thoracic spine and activate the muscles around your shoulder blades. Use them or lose them.

6) Breathe properly.
Here is a quick and easy drill to show you if you breathe correctly or not. Place one hand on your chest and one hand on your stomach. Take a deep breath in. If your chest rose and belly didn’t move then you are only using the wrong muscles to breathe and only 1/3 of your lung capacity. This causes a stress response in the body and tightens up the muscles surrounding your shoulders. Humans were meant to breathe with their diaphragms. When your diaphragm works your belly will expand upon inhalation. Here is a video of a simple drill you can do to retrain yourself to breathe correctly.


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