July 28

Jamie Quigley


Jamie has been no stranger to physical fitness and competition. She began competitive swimming at a young age, which eventually landed her a spot on the varsity swim team at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. After four years of education at UNCW, Jamie graduated with degrees in Biology and Exercise Science. With her education, personal experience and love of fitness, Jamie was able to become a certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

Over the following six years, Jamie was able to work in a medical practice that not only allowed her to follow her passion but help others reach health goals and work with acute and chronic pain. Jamie now brings her top level workouts and motivation to Raw fitness where she is dedicated and determined to help anyone and everyone from looking better in a bathing suit or just touching your toes again.

When Jamie is not making people sweat at Raw Fitness she can be seen in the back yard with her dogs or riding bikes with her husband.


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