July 28

Kym Campbell


Kym has spent the majority of her life invested in the realm of health. As a young athlete she played competitive volleyball which eventually led her to the collegiate level, and the love of all things active. What started as a love for a specific sport grew to be a fascination with the human body and all it’s capable of doing.

Kym holds a degree in Exercise Science, and is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. (She also is SPIN certified and LOVES to teach indoor cycling). The one lesson Kym thinks is important for everyone to hear is that no matter where life takes you, your health will always be with you. It’s important to do our best to take care of the bodies we have in order to live life to the fullest.

As much as Kym loves health, over the years three things have crept into her life that she loves even more: God, her awesome husband Jeff, and her two adorably cute kids, Everleigh and Jameson. They have become the fuel for her life and why she pushes daily to be the best Jesus follower, wife, mom, and health enthusiast she can be.


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