July 28

Michael Montefusco


Michael is very familiar with not being a fit individual. He actually spent much of his life as the polar opposite. He ran with the wrong crowd in high school and became a stock broker in New York at 19 years of age. Lots of money and bad habits were not a good combination. He spent most of his early 20’s with a terrible drug addiction. He has been in several detoxes and rehabs and even experienced homelessness. The picture above is a recent shot of the tree he used to sleep behind in 2004. God’s grace was upon him and gave him a second chance. It has fueled his passion of showing others they can change, and achieve more than they thought was possible.

Mike prides himself on his goal of helping 100% of his clients 100% of the time. He strongly believes that with proper guidance, hard work, and determination, the average client can achieve above average results. His philosophy is simple: give the client what they want, give the client what they need, get it fast, and make it fun! Michael forged his training chops in the fierce and fit city of Los Angeles where he was aptly dubbed, “Trainer to the Stars.” He worked for several high profile clients such as: Brad Pitts’ agents’ nanny, and the woman who managed the Starbucks that once served Charlie Sheen.

On a more serious note, Michael is certified in the Functional Movement Screen, a system for analyzing and correcting faulty movement patterns which have been proven to predict injury. He has completed 4 courses at The Postural Restoration Institute and regularly uses their methodologies to help restore proper function for his clients . He is also a certified Youth Speed and Agility Specialist through the International Youth Conditioning Association. He is extremely passionate about molding today’s youth not only into better athletes, but better people through his emphasis on hard work and perseverance.

Michael is certified through the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach and reads and studies basically every piece of fitness related material he can get his hands on. He has 11 years of experience of not only training his clients but also working as Master Trainer for the Charlotte areas largest training company.

He is currently employed as the Fitness Coach for the Carolina Rapids US Soccer Developmental Academy Program. He oversees both strength and conditioning for them as well as injury prevention.

Whether you compete in sport or the game of life, Mike salivates at the opportunity to help you reach your fullest potential.


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