August 4

Banging Booty on a Budget


I’m not going to lie, one of the areas I pride my training skills on the most is my ability to produce a banging backyard. Whether male or female, I have a very effective training protocol and it requires $3 worth of equipment to perform, so not having a gym membership is no excuse.

To train the glutes or, “Bootyus Maximus” as I like to refer to it, you first need to understand the glutes. I will keep it as simple as possible and cut right to the chase. The glutes control the hips. In other words it makes your femur (the long bone above your knee) move around the joint it sits in. The 3 major functions are hip extension, hip abduction, and hip external rotation. I lay these out in the video for those of you that don’t speak the language of human movement science. To design a complete program and carve your big house out of stone, you must have all three.

I also pay particular attention to the order of the exercises. The first three exercises isolate the specific roles of the glutes used to fully engage or activate the muscles. They are as follows:

Hip extension – single leg hip extensions
Hip external rotation – side lying clams
Hip abduction – mini band lateral walks
The following two exercises are used to increase the intensity and efficiency by integrating them into a more functional movement pattern. These are:

Single leg squat touchdown
Rear foot elevated or Bulgarian squat

Watch the video for specific execution of the movements and I will talk to you next time. I hate to see you go but love to watch you walk away!


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