March 19

Benefits of Boot Camp and Group Fitness


Should I train alone or in a group?

This is the question many people ask themselves. Sure there are those who are dedicated and focused enough to work out by themselves. Discipline goes a long way. However, there are also people who do better in a group atmosphere. For one, there is more energy. In a boot camp class there’s more than one person being trained at a time. People create heat, electricity runs through all of us, and humans were not created to be solitary. These are facts of life, and there is a certain power that can be tapped into and drawn upon within a group. When you don’t think you have anything left in the tank, your fellow boot campers can cheer you on, giving you that extra energy and support you need to complete your last set on the road to becoming a better you.

There is also a certain accountability that comes along with exercising in a group. No one wants to be the person who causes the group to lag behind, to not finish their set, or be the only one who missed class. Camaraderie is another great benefit of group fitness. It’s something very special that develops when a group of people are next to each other sweating, and giving there all for a common goal and result. Great friendships can be built. That sense of belonging could become the number one factor that keeps you committed to working out.

Last but not least, boot camp classes save you money! They are three times less expensive than personal training sessions because the instructor will make a lot more money and save a lot more time training 15 people at reduced rates than he would training one at the full rate.

So there you have it, a couple of reasons why group fitness can be beneficial. If you would like to find out when our next bootcamp session is please give us a call at (980) 292-3481.


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