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5 Gym Etiquette Tips to Remember

Every gym will have its own set of rules. The rules help to make sure that people stay safe, and the gym is not subject to any liability issues. Outside of those rules, there are sometimes some suggestions to make the gym more enjoyable. Then there are the unwritten...

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The Biggest Benefits Offered by Circuit Training

You have likely heard of circuit training, but do you know what it is or what it entails? If not, you aren’t alone. There are many people who are right there with you.  Circuit training is a type of exercise where you rotate through several stations, doing various...

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Does your life currently feel overwhelming?

When you get overwhelmed, what is your gut reaction?  Is it, A:  to close everyone off and hide in a dark corner?  Or, B: do you step back, take a breath, and figure out how to deal with the problem? If you answered ‘A’, you’re not alone, but this blog is for you. I...

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