Pick Your Battles

Pick Your Battles

OK, so there’s a ton of applications for this one.

I will use an illustration.

Imagine you have been crushing it in the gym and are going on a vacation.

There will obviously be lots of goodies to enjoy, and you should indulge!

However, let’s say in your normal life you would rate how well your actions lead to your goals at about an 8 out of 10.

On vacation, without any restraint for one week you might rate yourself a 2 out of 10 which will set you back quite a bit.

Adopt the philosophy of asking how you can slightly improve your rating over the week.

Ask yourself, “How can I get to a 3 or a 4?”

Maybe you don’t finish dessert a few nights, or purposefully have one less drink here or there.

Maybe you carve out time for a run or use the gym if you have access to one.

Think about how you can move the needle a little and still really enjoy your vacation.

It may not seem like a lot, but #pickingyourbattles will minimize the set back and set you up better for your Comeback!

Stay Hungry

Stay Hungry

If you have struggled and feel beat down, continue to fight for your mojo as you remember to #failforward, and remember that you #havegoals, and #havefaith you can achieve them.

On the flipside, if you’re progressing, of course remember to #celebrateprogress, but don’t get complacent either.

It has been said that “good can be the enemy of great,” meaning we can see improvements while resting on our laurels.

If you haven’t hit your goal yet, keep your eye on the prize and Stay Hungry!

If you have hit your goal, why not set a new one?

You got this!


Ask For Help!

Ask For Help!

Now this may sound contrary to #takeownership, but they actually work synergistically to build a better you.

You are not expected to have all the answers.

Your job is not to be able to do our job.

When you #takeownership of a challenge you face, this could very well play itself out by going to someone more experienced than you in order to get where you need to go.

How many top athletic teams do you know that do not have a coach?

That’s right, zero!

They are at the pinnacle of their professions and they use someone outside of themselves to achieve their best!

Take Action

Take Action

You may feel handcuffed by anxiety or paralyzed by laziness, but there is a way to overcome them by one small potent mental shift.

Stop trying to bear wrestle your thoughts and feelings into submission until you “feel” like doing the task in front of you.

If you wait until you “feel” like doing something, it will never get done.

We need to shut off our brains and just start taking the next right action.

You will find that low and behold, sooner or later, the mind comes on board.

Taking Action is the only way to get you where you need to go!

Be Patient

Be Patient

You didn’t get to your current state in a day and you won’t completely change it in a day either.

Change takes time.

It can get messy at times.

It will have ups and downs just the way any worthy pursuit in this life is bound to have.

It is a peculiar trait of humans to overestimate what we can do in a week or a month, but we underestimate what we can do in a year or so.

Remember to #celebrateprogress no matter how big or small and that #consistencycounts.

Remember that patience displays the mark of human mastery and it will help you stay focused, positive, balanced and expectant of a brighter future.

Take Ownership

Take Ownership

We would like to think that we are the most empathetic gym in the area, and know that our members have real struggles and obstacles on their way to achieving their best.

However, when it comes to unlocking your truest potential, the road to greatness is traveled best by the client taking 100% personal responsibility and ownership over the entire process.

Let these words ring true to you in every situation- There are no circumstances too tough, there are only members not tough enough.

The questions we should be constantly asking ourselves are, “What else can I do?”, “How can I still move forward in light of what I’m facing?”

Be inspired by the thought that, “If you don’t get it done, it’s simply because you didn’t do it”.

The buck stops with you!