Monitor Your Mind

Monitor Your Mind

Sometimes we let our mind talk to us instead of us talking to it.

This can lead to stinking thinking- anxiety, depression, self pity, or some good old fashioned excuse making.

None of these are helpful to you Making Your Comeback.

Improve emotional intelligence…know what you are thinking and feeling and rise above those destructive thinking patterns by Monitoring Your Mind.

Just Show Up

Just Show Up

We ALL know what it is like to feel lazy or not want to workout.

But haven’t we all Just Showed Up before and after engaging with the Community and getting in a couple sets, all of a sudden our mindset shifts.

Remember these words: “You can’t think your way into better living, but you can live your way into better thinking”.

Take the action and the mind will follow.

Just Show Up!

Care For Your Community

Care For Your Community

Our greatest joys will always be greater when we get to share them with somebody.

Our greatest accomplishments will always be greater if we help take other on the ride.

The more you give, the more you will get.

Engage in the Facebook group, ask someone in the gym what they did over the weekend.

Without our Comeback Community, none of us would have a place to workout ????

Respect The Basics

Respect The Basics

“The Greats” at anything aren’t usually the greats because they do something so spectacular every day.

They are “The Greats” because they do the basics better than anyone else.

In order to be this way with our fitness we need to execute these simple movements savagely well.

Never grow tired of the squat, chin-up, bench, or deadlift.

We also need to have a really good routine of when to go shopping, prep food, and hit the gym.

If you Respect The Basics, you are well on your way!

Stay in the Day

Stay in the Day

Do you ever wonder if you can exert self control with your eating for the rest of your life?

Or if you can’t get consistent with your workouts when you feel so out of shape right now?

You don’t have to!

You only have to get through today!

We will deal with tomorrow when it gets here!

This one may not sound revolutionary, but it is oh so powerful when you implement it into your life.

Stay In The Day ????

Give Yourself Grace

Give Yourself Grace

If you had a Coach that followed you around each day to guide you through life, would you respond better to positivity or negativity?


Did you mess up your diet…..again?!?

Have you missed your workout….again?!?

Did you not sleep well last night and couldn’t go as hard as you would normally?

Do yourself a favor and Give Yourself Grace!