Stay in the Day

Stay in the Day

Do you ever wonder if you can exert self control with your eating for the rest of your life?

Or if you can’t get consistent with your workouts when you feel so out of shape right now?

You don’t have to!

You only have to get through today!

We will deal with tomorrow when it gets here!

This one may not sound revolutionary, but it is oh so powerful when you implement it into your life.

Stay In The Day ????

Give Yourself Grace

Give Yourself Grace

If you had a Coach that followed you around each day to guide you through life, would you respond better to positivity or negativity?


Did you mess up your diet…..again?!?

Have you missed your workout….again?!?

Did you not sleep well last night and couldn’t go as hard as you would normally?

Do yourself a favor and Give Yourself Grace!

Celebrate Progress

Celebrate Progress

Did you lose only 1 pound since your last weigh in?

Let’s celebrate the progress that you did make.

Are you coming to the gym a couple times a week when 2 months ago it was not at all?

Celebrate Progress!

Did you only eat 3 slices of pizza when you normally had 4?

It may sound crazy, but seeing what improvements you are making can be a powerful way to fuel you to amass even more wins.

Post below something we can all celebrate!

Have Fun

Have Fun

You can make a game out of your fitness!

Set short term objectives like trying to achieve one small objective and “play” the game you just created.

Also, everyone loves to laugh and smile.

Crack a joke, inject humor, wear a funny t-shirt, or engage with others in the Community either on Facebook or in the gym.

We need your sense of fun to help us all enjoy this great ride more!

Attack Weaknesses

Attack Weaknesses

There are those that see something they don’t excel at and avoid it like the plague, then there are those that see the same situation as an opportunity for improvement.

Remember friends, the latter leads to the far more fulfilling.

So channel your inner killer instinct, identify an area of need in your fitness journey, then Attack it.

You got this!

Consistency Counts

Consistency Counts

Would you rather have 3 million dollars or 1 penny doubled every day for 31 days?

The latter is actually the much better deal.

It is amazing what you can accomplish with consistent focused effort over long durations of time.

Remember the river cuts through the rock not because of it’s power but because of its persistence.