Have Faith

Have Faith

Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t either way you’re probably right.”

The Comeback Champion stops asking “how could I possibly achieve great things?” and starts asking, “how could I not?”

#yougotthis #havefaith

Value Strength

Value Strength

The body loves to prioritize burning muscle instead of fat.
Strength training negates this by signaling to the body that it needs to keep your muscle to maintain your lifestyle of continuously lifting.
If you need to move a couch, build self discipline, or change your metabolism for the long haul, then strength is your #1 weapon.
Even faster marathon times are run by stronger athletes.
It teaches us to get comfortable being uncomfortable like nothing else.
#Valuestrength and never look back!
Rise Above

Rise Above

The people who are the most successful with their life and fitness aren’t the ones who have no obstacles, they’re the ones who don’t let themselves be dominated by the obstacle.

They look for solutions ASAP and take the necessary actions to make progress. Be solution oriented and #Riseabove

Take Ownership And Take Your Results To The Next Level!

Take Ownership And Take Your Results To The Next Level!

A couple of weeks ago as I talked with a client she used the quote “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Since hearing this quote I have thought how true this is for everyone including myself.

At this point in this crazy 6 week journey I’m sure all of you are seeing results, but maybe they are not as great of gains and loses as you had originally hoped. At this stage, you have plenty of time to turn it around and see the amazing results of all your hard work.

So my challenge to all of you is to sit down and write down a set of questions or excuses you make for yourself. As little as it may seem, they can make a huge difference. I go through the same struggle on a regular basis and always end up with the same set of questions.

I ask myself how many times have I repeated the same workout? Made the same excuses for skipping out on a workout? How many times have I decided it did not matter what I ate over the weekend? Looking back on it trust me, it is way more than I would like to admit!

But admitting it is the most important part! To make a change you have to be aware of the problem. One of our Core Values that you may have seen on the wall is “Take Ownership”, and it is oh so important to make the progress you are after. Once you know in what ways you are “insane”, you can make the necessary changes.

I have my list of things to work on, so I’m asking for all of you to look back on the past couple of weeks and what changes you can make on this journey to take it to the next level. Start slow, pick one bad habit a time, once you have mastered that discipline move down the list and be ready to see the changes!!!

-Coach Jamie

The Weekend Is For My Stretchy Pants

The Weekend Is For My Stretchy Pants

The weekend as a concept has significance to us. I don’t know who first came up with this idea, bit it’s a common practice in our culture to make weekend meals epic. And by ‘epic’ I mean ‘sizable’ and calorie-dense. They are the types of meals that make you call out:  Where are my stretchy pants!?!

It’s a weekly occurrence for a lot of our friends and family. But as people on the ‘fitness journey’ we fall into the same trap. Five days a week we adult and keep our lives together more or less. We make countless decisions and deny ourselves dietary pleasures. But when the clock strikes 5pm on Friday night … it’s party time! We are DONE making healthy choices, DONE restricting ourselves. The muscle of our will power cannot contract anymore.

There’s absolutely no biological reason to be 5 days a week ‘ON’ and 2 days ‘OFF’.

We talk ourselves into believing that two days of eating till we’re stuffed cannot possibly undo all the hard work of working out and following the healthy diet during the five days of the week. We tell ourselves all kinds of stories:

• I went to the gym 4 days this week and I can safely eat whatever I want.
• I ate that darn pint of ice-cream, so I blew it. Let’s just keep going.
• There’s always Monday…

Come Monday morning, we feel remorse and regret the choices we made over the weekend. So that gives us enough motivation to tough it out till next Friday night. Ebb and flow, ebb and flow.

We want to reach our goal so badly, but cannot seem to break through this pattern we’ve created in our lives. How can we navigate weekends without going overboard? How do we hold it together AND get some stress release?

A lot of it begins with how you think about it.

1. I eat well during the week because I think I should (I want to be good)
2. Eating well is part of the value system of who I am, and I do it seamlessly (it’s my lifestyle)

If you chose #1 you are doing a lot of cognitive control, which is quite exhausting. It requires a lot of decision-making. Thinking is a very costly activity. You think about food all day long. You think about how to offset that via exercise. So when it comes to weekends, if fueling your body with healthy and whole foods is not part of your routine and daily habits, it becomes very difficult to maintain this cognitive control for long.

If you are a weekend over-eater it might be helpful to retrace your steps. Get a full analysis of your situation. How exactly does it go down? Most of us have a specific pattern. Let’s say it’s Friday night and your family orders pizza at 6pm. Can you have it ordered for 6:30pm instead. In the meantime you grab a healthy alternative from the fridge to take the edge of that ravenous appetite, or go for a quick walk in the neighborhood (with or without your dog), etc. Now you broke a link in the chain of events that is habitual to you. You do it often enough, you’ll create a new routine. Overtime you begin to alter other unhealthy habits replacing them with the ones that are actually beneficial to you.

For me, personally, this was a huge help. Living with my in-laws after hurricane Katrina meant having pizza every Friday night. When I came to realization it wasn’t the best choice for me, I started going to the gym at that time. After the gym I’d fix myself my own meal. That quickly became my new norm. Very soon I added more gym time to my week. It was right at the beginning of my fitness journey and was one of my first habits. Now training and being active is part of my lifestyle. It’s so integrated, I cannot imagine my life without it. I don’t think about it, I just do it. The same goes for my eating habits. I didn’t get a whole new set of them overnight. I stacked them one on top of the other overtime.

You can also try to replicate the conditions of when the over-eating problem is NOT happening. Is it when you are occupied? Is it when your meals are all planned for the week? Is it when you go to the gym at night and as a result avoid overeating at dinner? Is it when you stay away from going out with certain people? Going to certain restaurants? Do what’s working for you during the week also on weekends. Focus on what’s working and do more of that. Sometimes ignoring the problem and expanding on your strengths will lead to huge wins, and the problem will self-resolve.

I am interested to hear about the strategies you come up with. Find me at the gym and share. You can also do that in the comments section below. I am sure the readers will be interested.

• Coach Natalia

Time Management For Busy Fitness Goers

Hey guys! My name is Coach Mike I’m with Raw Fitness in Cornelius.

If you are passionate about your health and fitness, yet you struggle with having enough time to do the things that you know you need to do, then this video is for you.

Here’s an illustration: A college professor goes in front of his class and tells his class, “Today I’m going to teach you about time management”.

He takes out a big plastic see-through bucket and he starts filling the bucket with big rocks one after another.

He gets to the point where you can’t fit another big rock in the bucket. He looks at the class and says, “Is the bucket full?”

The class says, “Yes!”

He goes, “Okay!”

He takes out a bucket of gravel and he starts pouring the gravel, and the gravel starts filling in all the gaps in between the big rocks.

He asked them again, “Is it full?”

This time they’re catching on so they say, “No.”

He takes out a bucket of sand and he pours the sand in between all of the all of the gravel filling in the spaces, and then he does it again, and this time he takes out a bucket of water and the water fills in all the spaces.

Then he looks at the class and asks, “What does teach you about time management?”

One of the kids raises his hand and says, “We have a lot more time than we think we do.”

The professor says, “No, that’s not it at all!”

He says, “The lesson is this: If you don’t put the big rocks in first, you’ll never get them in.”

How does this translate to health and fitness?

There are certain big rocks that are necessary to move you towards your goals.

When are you going to work out?

Get it on the calendar!

When are you going to think about what you’re going to do when you work out?

Get it on the calendar!

When are you going to go grocery shopping?

When are you going to figure out what meals are going to be prepped?

When are you going to take the time and actually prep them ahead of time so you can execute.

All of these big rocks need to get put in the calendar or you’ll never get them in.

Now I’m not trying to minimize those of you who have such an extraordinary busy schedule that you can’t hit on all of these full force.

I get it, I’m very busy as well. So maybe I’m painting the picture of an ideal world.

But the point is, if you use this principle, you can move the needle and do better than you’ve been doing in your time management as far as it concerns your fitness.

Then you’ll be off to a great start!

So anyways, I hope that you found this post helpful. Have a great day!