March 12

Finish Strong!


It was about 5 years ago to the day. My teammates and I were in the final week of a fitness challenge at a small local gym, Raw Fitness, that unbeknownst to us, would transform our lives.

When we began our journey, we told ourselves “6 weeks. We can commit to 6 weeks. All in!”.

Many times we trained together, spent countless time talking in the parking lot after class, shared meals, our challenges, tips on what we were doing and not doing, encouraging one another, and holding one another accountable.

Little by little, we began to see changes.

First, changes in the way we felt, changes in our eating habits, changes in the way our clothes began to fit, changes in our health, and even changes in those around us.

It was an electrifying chain reaction.

Sure there were times that I found myself frustrated.

I didn’t see “the scale” changing, so I would allow that little negative voice in the back mind to rear it’s ugly head, but only for a brief moment.

My team and I were determined to stick it out to the very end, because no matter what, we were feeling better, we had more energy, and our energy & experiences were encouraging others around us to make small changes in their lives.

I persevered.

We persevered.

As the final weigh in week approached, we were more than sure that we weren’t even in the top 3 of the challenge.

Teams were physically showing phenomenal results and all of the scores were very close.

However, by this point, sure we wanted to win the prize money, but as cliche as it sounds it no longer became the driving force.

Day 1, I couldn’t hold a plank.

At all.

By week 5 I felt stronger than I had in over 15 years!

My eating habits were better, my sleep improved, and one of the best unsuspected results was that of witnessing my friends, family, my children…leading healthier lives.

All because of this little 6 week challenge.

So what I say to you in this final stretch, from experience, is it’s anyone’s game.

My team went from the middle of the pack, to winning the challenge.

However, it is SO much more than a competition. No amount of prize money could compare to what we gained over the course of 6 weeks.

We were in control of our lives again, and that in turn created a wave of change in those around us.

That was priceless.

Sit back and think of where you started.

Think of what you have gained (and lost) along this journey.

Think of how much stronger and in control you feel. The energy you have.

The support system of those working with the same goals alongside you.

Think of the numerous lives you are touching by means of your example and experiences!

You have proven to yourselves, and whether you know it or not, so many others, the power of mindset, persistence, determination and teamwork.

No matter what, you have won.

So I say to you, now is not the time to back down.

Your journey has only begun.

Finish strong.

All my love,


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