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Gym Etiquette Creates Positive Training Environment


Gyms come in a myriad of forms and with a wide range of options for people who enjoy exercising and working out. Whatever the size or scope of a gym may, they share a common value of gym etiquette. Gym etiquette is merely the value system in which members and clients adopt while working out and using a facility in order to keep the environment healthy and positive for all staff and clients.

While gym etiquette has a core of common practices that are shared by most all types of gyms, there are more specific practices that are targeted to niche specific gym businesses. Personal training gyms that have specific focuses require a more unique form of etiquette practices, as opposed to the large multi use gyms.

Etiquette At Personal Training Gyms

Personal training gyms such as Raw Fitness, center around providing one on one training and instructions that offers clients the benefits of personalized exercise and health plans. Since this instruction can be given in common areas where multiple trainers are working with their clients, there is a more specific type of etiquette that is adopted in order to keep the experience positive for everyone involved.

Familiarize Yourself With Posted Expectations

Regardless of if you are a personal fitness gym rookie, or a seasoned client who is well versed in the exercise style, there could be common mistakes that you are unknowingly making. While gym typically post rules and expectations, some of the etiquette rules for personal gyms are unspoken. Fortunately, there are a few tips to keep in mind that will make your experience go smoothly when working out at a personal training facility.

Be Punctual And Ready To Workout

As in any personal training session or exercise class, being on time is key, not only does being prompt show that you value your trainers time, it also is essential to your gaining the most value from your session. If you are late for your sessions, your trainer’s plan for your routine is altered, and you may even be disruption others if you are coming in late.

Silence All Phones

Properly storing items, such as cell phones will help you and your trainer remain on track during your workout. Phones should be turned off, or volume muted, even if they are stowed in specific storage area. Noisy notifications and ring tones can easily throw both trainer and client off task, causing interruptions for your session as well as those around you.

Be Aware Of Others Space

Personal awareness, and awareness of others around you is also important to gym etiquette. Be considerate of others space, know where you are and be aware of the space you will be using. While you may want to socialize with someone near you, remember that their time is valuable as well, and any socializing should be kept to a minimum or postponed until after the workout to ensure everyone gains the most from their experience.

Remember, personal training gyms involve individualized training sessions that require communication between trainer and client. Respecting this time is key to getting the best results.


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