February 3

High Powered Nutrition Tips Made Simple: Part 1


I believe in motivation through education so here is my revved up attempt to get you compliant on a recommendation I know you have heard before, but may have struggled to execute. DRINK MORE WATER. Here is the why behind it and how to execute with precision:

1-proper hydration regulates appetite

2-the only organ in your body that can process body fat to be used for energy is your liver. If your kidneys don’t have enough water to detoxify you then the liver will prioritize detox over burning fat. Bottom line, if you want to lose fat, drink more water!

3-proper hydration lubricates joints, and fascia allowing muscles to move properly and prevent injuries.

4-slight dehydration can affect mood and energy levels.

5-1/2 liter of water deficit increases cortisol production. Cortisol is a stress hormone. It causes inflammation and tells the body to store belly fat

We recommend ½ ounce per pound of bodyweight daily as a BARE BONES MINIMUM! Here are some best practices to help you execute.

1) You get extremely dehydrated when you sleep. Have a 16 oz glass of water by the bathroom sink. Drink some upon awakening in the middle of the night if you use the bathroom. Polish it off as soon as you wake up before you drink your morning coffee. I have personally noticed how much less coffee I need when I hydrate first.

2) Drink 16 oz about an hour before your workout.

3) Drink 6-8 ounces every fifteen minutes you exercise (this is important because the body hydrates better when it is moving around and can get the water to the tissues)

4) Drink 8 ounces prior to every meal (5-6x a day = 40-48 oz right there)

I hope you use this tip to help you achieve your God given best!


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