February 24

High Powered Nutrition Tips Made Simple: Part 3


Most of the people we coach could benefit from some type of nutritional coaching. There are 3 main categories I would classify them in. They either lack knowledge of what good nutrition is, lack knowledge on how to execute, or lack both. In my opinion, lack of knowledge on execution (behavioral) is the limiting factor for most people.

No one is shocked when I tell them living on bread, beer, and fast food is bad. The question becomes how to I adopt a whole bunch of new habits that are more productive. This leads me to believe that mindset becomes one of the most important aspects to success. This small mindset shift may be the spark that helps you stay on track and get to the next level with your fitness goals.

How many of you have been resolved to change, perhaps have a “bad day” or even have a “great day” and feel the need to “reward” yourself with a few drinks, or some pizza, or (insert any counterproductive meal) ? The next logical move would be to bounce back and get right back on track. However, what do most of us do? I can hear the internal voice sounding something like this “you already had a few beers, you might as well eat that ice cream sitting in the freezer ” Sound familiar? This is what is referred to as all or nothing thinking. It has zero value on the quest to achieve your personal best (that rhymed).

This is the question I would encourage you to ask yourself: if you were driving your car and got a flat tire, would you A) fix the tire and keep driving or B) get out of the car and puncture the other 3 tires? Sounds ridiculous right? Exactly! So does the common response of not bouncing back from a perfectly normal occurrence of not eating 100% perfect all the time. Bouncing right back will ensure you continue to get results. Popping the other 3 tires can send you on a downward spiral. Who knows when it may end?
Store this metaphor in your new and improved mindset and keep pressing toward the mark!

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