March 27

High Powered Nutrition Tips Made Simple Part 5


So this nutrition post has a challenge attached to it. To get the full benefit of reading this you must actually TAKE the challenge. Pondering it will not have the same effect.

The challenge is this: Get 3 raisins and try and take 3 full minutes to eat 3 raisins. The requirements for the challenge are 3 minutes and you must have 3 raisins. The benefits of this challenge are far more profound. The new habit I would encourage everyone to adopt after taking the challenge is to eat your food slowly. We are a society that is plagued by the tyranny of the urgent. Go, go, go has become our mantra and this has several drawbacks from a nutritional standpoint.

Mastication or the chewing of food plays an important role in our digestion. It allows the food to be broken down better by the teeth and gives it sufficient time to mix with saliva which all helps contribute to the foods absorbability.

When you are in a rush, your nervous system thinks you are under duress and produes a hormone and neurotransmitter response to support that. This shuts off the rest and digest functions in favor of those that help you to create a frantic sense of urgency that stresses the body producing more cortisol. Cortisol causes an inflammatory response and tells your body to store body fat. No Bueno.

It takes at least 15 minutes from the time the food hits your stomach for your body to recognize how full you are. Eating fast negates this and causes consumption of far more calories than necessary.
You will be surprised at how good your food tastes when you sufficiently chew it. I bet you never tasted how sweet a raisin can be until you took the challenge!

Keep pressing toward the mark!

Coach Mike


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