July 28

How are you managing your time?


I encounter people every day who have a strong desire to change the quality of their lives through the vehicle of fitness. Although this road holds many benefits, it also has many challenges. The one 800 lb gorilla that stands in the way of people’s progress more than any other is a lack of time. Unfortunately I haven’t found a way to make 26 hour days, but I have had a mental shift that has carried over into more productivity in all areas in my life. I hope this story and its lesson serves you well.

A college professor gets in front of his class one day and says, “Today, I am going to teach you a lesson on time management. He then pulls out a large see through jar and begins placing big rocks in it one by one. Once he clearly gets to the point where he can no longer fit any more rocks in it, he asks the class if it is full. The class responds with a, “yes.”

He then pulls out a bucket of gravel and begins to pour the gravel in between the spaces in the big rocks. When the gravel reaches the top of the jar, he turns to the class and asks again, “is it full?” This time they are catching on, and reply with a, “no.” The professor pulls out a bucket of sand and repeats the procedure. He holds it up once more and the class shouts a, “no!” He pulls out a bucket of water and finishes off the job. He then asks the class, “now what does this tell you about time management?”

A student sitting near the front of the class replies, “You always have more time than you think you do.”

The professor responds, “No, the lesson is, if you don’t put the big rocks in first, you will never get them in.”

Far too many people with goals in life don’t clearly define the process to achieve them. If you desire to build muscle and lose fat, then you must put the “big rocks” of that process in your schedule before the week even begins. Where are your workout times? When are you preparing your food so you aren’t the victim of a busy day, and the urge to consume things you know you shouldn’t doesn’t overpower you? How are you planning on relaxing and unwinding, so stress doesn’t overly inhibit your goals?

My challenge to you is this: Get out your schedule right now and put your big rocks in first viagra en pharmacie en france. Do you want to spend time with your family this week? When are your workouts? Are you religious? Where is your time with God? When can you get healthy groceries?

Don’t be overly aggressive, as things will pop up to take you off course. Stay on track the best you can and I look forward to seeing a happier, healthier you!


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