March 5

“I think I can, I think I can”


Have you ever read the story of the “little engine that could?” Sure, it’s a kids book, however the idea that a little train can pull a larger train over a mountain holds significance even to the oldest adults, and provides a mindset that can set you on the tracks (pun intended) for lifetime success.

So then, what’s the lesson? You can do anything you think you can do.

Everyone carries around mental baggage. Even the most successful people experience seasons of doubt, anxiety, fear, and insecurity. The difference lies in how we respond to our mental baggage. Do we allow our negative thoughts to take us captive?

An example of a negative thought taking us captive would be something like this: “I keep trying to make healthier eating choices, but I keep failing. I guess I’m not meant to be healthy.” Negative thoughts are built on past emotions or experiences that do not have to define our future outcomes.Thoughts are simply thoughts, and the only way they take power over us is through action. Thus, in order to change our actions, we must change our thoughts. We must think we can do anything.

We must take every thought captive and tell ourselves we can be better, achieve more, overcome fear, and be optimistic. We can choose to look at every experience as an opportunity to grow, rather than be a victim, and with each day take our thoughts and put them into positive action in order to be successful. “I keep trying to make healthier eating choices, and even though I’m not perfect everyday I believe I can do it. Today I’m not going to eat out in order to get one step closer to healthier eating”. And just like that, your negative thoughts are held captive. Because you think you can, you do.

All of life is a giant mountain, and it’s guaranteed we will get stuck along the way. So the question you must ask yourself is this: will you stay stuck? Or will you think you can, and therefore do?

“In order to carry a positive action we must develop a positive vision” – Dalai Lama

Keep pressing toward the mark,

-Coach Kym


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