March 28

Investing in Success


Let me share a story with you…

There once was a man who was going on a trip and he decided to delegate responsibilities of his finances to 3 people.

To one he gave $5,000, another $2,000, and the last $1,000.

As soon as he left, the 1st person immediately went to work and doubled the lender’s investment. The 2nd person did the same as the 1st. The 3rd person on the other hand, took the lender’s money, dug a hole in the ground, and buried it.

When the lender finally returned from his trip, he met up with the people to whom he had lent his money.

The person given $5,000 showed him he doubled his investment, and the lender rewarded him by making him a partner. The person given $2,000 also showed him he had doubled his investment and rewarded him by making him a partner as well!

Finally, the person given $1,000 came to the lender and said “I was afraid I would lose your investment, so I took it and buried it. But here is your $1,000 back!”

The lender was furious. He asked him why he didn’t at least put it in the bank to build interest rather than just bury it?!

So the lender took his $1,000 and gave it to the person he had given $5,000 and said “to those who do well with what they are given, even more will be given to them, and to those who do nothing, what little they have will be taken away.”

As you think upon this story, replace the monetary value with your time, energy, and personal investments you’ve made to your health.

The most important question we can ask is what kind of an investor are we?

Are we taking the investment of our time (i.e. getting to the gym regularly; pushing ourselves hard while there) and utilizing it to make progress? Or are we burying our time in the sand giving us no personal gain?

Consider your personal goals. Are you investing in achieving that goal (i.e. pull-ups, no more sugar)? Or have you taken the goal, buried it in the sand, where there is no reward to be made?

The point is this: whatever investment you have made, do well with it, and you will be rewarded in big ways. However, if you choose to do nothing with the investments you have made, you will not see any positive return on those investments.

Make the choice today what kind of an investor you would like to be. Successful or wasteful?

Coach Kym Campbell


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