April 19

Key Features of Boot Camps


One of the basic differences between people who are perpetually fit and those who jump in and out of exercise programs is self-motivation, or lack of it. Boot camps are great ways to restore confidence and gain motivation to not only continue with workouts but keep healthy round the year. One reason is that after undergoing the intense workouts you can see immediate results which act as a great motivation and pushes one to strive harder.

Working with fellow campers also mean that the performance of one will affect the performance of the entire team which again is big push for one to work harder and get better results.

The popularity of our boot camps is on the rise. Because here the whole body is worked upon, more muscles are taxed and lead to faster burning of calories than any other method. One very simple reason why our camps work out better than all other fitness programs is because of this intense focus on the whole body. There is core and stability control, there is focus on agility, strength and endurance, and then there is a focus on balance and joint integrity which is seldom taken care of by other workouts. While the exercises concentrate on the mind they also pave the way for a positive flow of energy all over making the transition to a healthier life much easier.

Let’s take a look at the key features of our boot camps:

Muscle mass building – The focus of our camps are more on making one fit than making one thin. Because when you keep fit you automatically shed all extra weight and can easily maintain a good figure. So there is a systematic effort to increase core strength and overall physique and health.

Cardio focus – A high intensity and well-rounded cardio program makes a boot camp regimen the most effective for burning calories and combating obesity. The simultaneous cardiovascular as well as muscular focus tones up the body and helps one get fit and lean effectively.

Diet and nutrition – Because of the intense nature of the boot camps it is very important to focus on the right diet and ensure that the body gets all its required nutrition. We offer effective nutritional coaching where one can get proper guidance for not just the right foods but also the best ways to stick to a diet without giving into junk food urges.

To learn more about our Bootcamps and what they can for you, give of a call anytime (818) 605-7131.


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