Greetings Gym Family,

Obviously there is a huge, can’t be missed sign in the gym that says, “Make Your Comeback” which I have made our new tagline for the past several months. I wanted to take a few minutes to engage with you on why I chose this and what it means for you all. I also wanted to give you guys an opportunity to WIN A FREE MONTH to celebrate the fact that the gym has grown by over 50% from January 1, 2018.

So there’s a few reasons I chose “Make Your Comeback” as our new tagline and I wanted to let you in on my thinking.

#1 Most of you know my story of making a comeback from homeless drug addiction in 2004. It has uniquely positioned me to be passionate about, and well versed in overcoming adversity in the lives of others.

#2 Most of you are familiar with the passing of our daughter 8/31/2017. We will forever miss our Evelyn Joy. We were grateful to have her in the hospital room for 2 and a half days on a cooling blanket, so we got to hold her and see her beautiful face.

I labored in prayer the months following her death and asked God for direction on where to go from here. I felt like He clearly wanted me to lead this gym to a new frontier of growth in service to our surrounding community amidst a market saturated with competitors. I started this gym with $2500 of used gym equipment off of Craigslist in a barn with no heat and no running water, pee in the woods Rocky 4 style. As demand grew, we grew, but, in contrast to the gyms with franchises or big money behind them and formal business plans from the get-go, we will forever be a Comeback story of our own.

The Original Raw Fitness

#3-EVERYONE in this world deals with struggles, challenges, frustrations, and/or obstacles on some level. So even though you may not be as challenged as I was, you still “Come-back” from each challenge to continue on your journey. So you’ll all benefit from a Comeback Culture.

#4- Many of you are super fit now, but most of you didn’t come to me that way. Whether you are super fit or a fitness misfit there’s a clear need for gifted guides, henceforth known as Comeback Coaches.

#5- Most of us share the common belief that our lives are more fulfilling when we have a positive impact on others. Therefore, even if you’ve already climbed to the top of your own personal fitness mountain, every dime you spend here, every drop of perspiration you sweat ????, ounce that you lift, and bit of energy you exert, contributes to our overall mission as a gym to make comebacks possible for everyone else. Which is why you’ll henceforth be referred to as our Comeback Community.

Here is how to cash in on one FREE MONTH of whatever your current monthly plan is tacked on to the end of your current agreement:

One of our Comeback Credo’s is “Face Reality” and rightfully so. Those who have the skill of taking honest self inventory and keep that assessment top of mind are MUCH more likely to reach their personal goals. EVERY ONE of you had a goal in mind when we first sat down upon our initial meeting. It is what drives me to lead this place is your very goals. We don’t want our Comeback to be based on anything other than helping you to exceed your goals!


We want to know exactly how you are doing so we know how to engage, or not engage with you, as you keep your goals top of mind. We also want to know how well we are doing at creating an environment that fosters client success.

I will give you (2) Raffle tickets for filling out a comment below so I know you read this. This includes non-current members.


I will give you 1 Raffle ticket for each time you honestly fill out the weekly text message survey over the next 4 Mondays starting 9/24 (For those of you who are new, we ask each week for a subjective rating on how well you think you did moving toward your goals the previous week. If you are having trouble assessing yourself then put “need help” as the response, and myself or a Comeback Coach will help you get it sorted out). Then on 10/22 we will draw a winner and, regardless of what type of membership you have, we will add one free month on the end of your contract.

Thanks for taking your precious time to read and engage with me. I’m honored at the opportunity.

Let’s keep doing life together!

Your Comeback Commander,
-Coach Mike