July 14

Ninja Code of Honor #2



Code of Honor #2 Ninjas celebrates the successes of others. Ninja clan unity is very important.


It’s a familiar scene: a person at the gym continues to lose weight while you’ve been plateaued for months, you’re still trying to figure out how to do a darn Turkish get up while the new person in class has already mastered the form, and you compare yourself to others in the gym thinking you should be in better shape than them since you put in more hard work.


Next time these thoughts creep in your mind pause and think about this: “We discover greatness within once we learn to cultivate it and celebrate it in others”.


Everyone is on the same path looking to achieve their God-given best through health, and choosing to celebrate with those around you creates community and builds relationships. Here are two ways to begin celebrating not just your success, but also others’ success:


  1. Celebrate your hard work and those around you. Without hard work there is no progress. Take the time to acknowledge the work you are putting in, but also that of others. Praise their efforts and encourage them with kind words.
  2. Celebrate inspiration. Leading by example and celebrating achievements in a positive way encourages others to learn from your reactions and join in the celebration.


Remember, a ninja celebrates the success of others and knows the value in clan unity. So next time someone achieves something awesome, high five them, tell them great job, and ring the bell so they know just how much you care.

-Coach Kym Campbell



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