July 27

Ninja Code Of Honor #6


Ninja Code of Honor #6: Ninjas realize that though their journey may involve, inspire, and be inspired by other Ninjas, they do not get hung up on negatively comparing their accomplishments to others and are content to walk their individual path.


When you look at a group photo with you in it, where do you focus first? Yourself. That’s right. “Is my hair ok? How is my smile? Did the camera get my better side?” and we go on and on judging ourselves. It’s human.


When it comes to achievements at the gym we have a tendency to measure our success against the successes of others. There is such a thing as healthy competition and is encouraged. It produces positive results. It pushes us to our limits, it makes us stronger, and it brings us closer as a Raw Fitness family.  I love seeing class members laugh and high-five each other after the class.


But if you come home feeling inadequate because you couldn’t lift as much weight as someone else in class, or you had to stop because you ran out of breath, pause and think about this:


“You are walking YOUR own path, at YOUR own pace, trying to hit YOUR goal.”


Just like Code of Honor #2 states “Ninjas celebrates the successes of others” … celebrate successes of your friends. But don’t forget to celebrate your own success no matter how small it may seem to you.


– Coach Natalia




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