December 11

Ninja Perspective = Ninja Resilience


NINJA CODE OF HONOR # 1: A Ninja embraces challenges as the best way to grow stronger and sees a setback as merely a setup for a comeback.

As with anything, along the highway of health & fitness, stuff happens!

We may be cruising along, having developed a great routine of carving out time for training. We are feeling great, making progress with a goal that we have written on the goal board, perhaps the numbers on the scale are moving in the direction we want them to go, we can see one of our fitness destinations, it’s getting closer!

Then “BAM!”, out of the blue we are suddenly at a road block.

We have all been there. Whether it be an injury, sickness, a change in schedule, a move, etc… it happens. Life happens, but how does a Ninja view a sudden road block?

Well a road block doesn’t mean the end of the road!

With a road block you will have a detour. Maybe not the exact route you had planned, and it may even mean getting to your initial destination will take a little more time.

However you are still on the right path, just traveling a slightly different way to get there. You still have your goal in mind. Would it then make sense to throw your hands up, turn around, and go back all because of a detour?

Of course not!

Your destination still remains the same. The same is true when we face challenges along our health & fitness journey.

Our goals of being the healthiest Ninja versions of ourselves don’t change right?

However, our initial reaction may be anger, frustration, or sadness. We may feel like we’ve been stopped in our tracks. So, how do we overcome those feelings and get back on a path leading to our goals?

Mindset. A detour is simply an alternate route.

The mental challenges that may come with a setback can surpass the physical challenges.

Be realistic with yourself, do what you can, take it day by day, and focus on the positive.

There may be times that we might not be able to do what we could do before, or what we think we “should” be doing.

We may be experiencing a temporary setback. All that means is that we may have to find a different route to get to where we want to go, but rather than letting that stop us in our tracks and turning around, a Ninja embraces those moments as opportunities to develop invaluable mental strength as well as growing stronger in other areas.

During challenging times we must look at what we CAN do.

Challenges and setbacks can offer us the chance to focus on other aspects of our training and help us to discover things about ourselves that we never knew.

Beautiful things!

STRONG things!

When we don’t allow life’s detours to stop us, when we simply find our alternate route, we will find that along the way we become even stronger both mentally and physically than we were before!

Those are identifying marks of a Raw Fitness Ninja.

– Coach Katrina


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  • Thank you for the continued inspiration and motivation! Love the idea of the alternate route taking us to the beautiful and unexpected places. You nailed this post and I am so grateful for you everyday.

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