October 12

Pick Your Battles


OK, so there’s a ton of applications for this one.

I will use an illustration.

Imagine you have been crushing it in the gym and are going on a vacation.

There will obviously be lots of goodies to enjoy, and you should indulge!

However, let’s say in your normal life you would rate how well your actions lead to your goals at about an 8 out of 10.

On vacation, without any restraint for one week you might rate yourself a 2 out of 10 which will set you back quite a bit.

Adopt the philosophy of asking how you can slightly improve your rating over the week.

Ask yourself, “How can I get to a 3 or a 4?”

Maybe you don’t finish dessert a few nights, or purposefully have one less drink here or there.

Maybe you carve out time for a run or use the gym if you have access to one.

Think about how you can move the needle a little and still really enjoy your vacation.

It may not seem like a lot, but #pickingyourbattles will minimize the set back and set you up better for your Comeback!


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