Power training is one of the most important training tools in just about every field and court sport, including, but not limited to, football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, tennis, volleyball, and golf.

Power is the ability to not only generate force but to generate it quickly. It is power that makes you jump high, run fast, and hit hard. Many coaches understand the importance of making their athletes stronger through building denser, more efficient muscle fibers. The great ones know that it is of equal importance to train the nervous system to fire an explosive signal, thus producing more force and a faster, stronger athlete. We have a ton of conventional and non-conventional methods to get our athletes freaky powerful. I wanted to cover one of our top secret weapons that gets amazing results and takes equipment that just about everyone has access to.

Behold the dumbbell clean onto a box. This exercise is a hybrid of your typical barbell clean from the hang position and a box jump. Ironically enough, these are two major “go to” tools for many a coach. We’ve blended them into one central nervous system bashing movement. The key to the lift is to understand the mechanics of a clean (hip dominant with a yanking shrug, not a bicep curl) and good landing mechanics on the box jump (hips back with meticulous core stability). Be sure to watch the and see how your athletes run faster, jump higher, and hit harder than ever before!