Hey Fit Family,

It would be my pleasure to reward you all for engaging with our gym and social content. You can continually hit the $5 off per month FOR LIFE mark (adding $5 off each time) pretty easily if you are fairly consistent.

I hope you sign up for our Raw Rewards program by filling out this brief form below. 

For a list of the ways you can score points, just keep scrolling. Reach out if you have any questions at all!

  • Please put the name you use on Facebook here
  • Please enter your Instagram username with no @ sign. Thanks!

The rewards

Protein Bar- 45pts
T-Shirt- 200 one time only
Pick Your Playlist For An Entire Week- 250pts
CBD Oil 15ml- 250pts
Free Semi-Private Session- 275pts
Free Private Session- 350pts
Free At Home/Travel Online Training Session- 400pts
$5 Off Per Month FOR LIFE- 425pts
CBD Oil 30ml- 450pts
Private Class For You And 9 Friends- 450pts
$10 Off Per Month FOR LIFE- 750pts
Keep Your Myzone Belt For Life- 750pts
4 Pack Of Semi-Private Sessions- 850pts
$20 Off Per Month FOR LIFE- 1350pts

How To Earn Points

Workout At The Gym In A Class Or Session-2 pts
Read An Email- 1 pt (only 1 read per unique email starting from this day forth)
Read A Blog Post (Must have clicked the link from the sent email to receive credit)- 3pts
If there is a YouTube Video in the blog:
25% watch- add 1 
50% watch- add 1
75% watch- add 1
100% watch- add 1 (so 4 points total)
Comment on a website blog post- 3

Hit the social share to Facebook button on the blog post and write a one line description encouraging people to check the post out- 4pts

  • In order for you to get points for engaging with our blog posts, you must get to the post by clicking the specific blog link in the email we send out from this email going forward. This means you can NOT just go to all of our past blog posts and watch and comment like crazy and rack up a free membership. Our goal is to average sending out one email per week. If you stay consistent you can start hitting major reward goals in as little as 2-3 months.
  • Video watch percentages are rewarded only on the website, not via a Facebook post. So watch on the website, comment and share if on Facebook 🙂

React to a Facebook Post (heart, wow, etc. not just “like”)- 1
Comment on a Facebook Post- 3
Share a Facebook Post- 4 (**This feature won’t be live for a week, but we would be most grateful for any shares!)
Like and comment on an Instagram Post- 3

You must sign up by putting your Instagram handle and Facebook account name in the short form at the top of the page. This is the only way we can track your actions on those platforms. We will also put a link to key posts from social media in the private group. You must go to the original post to comment and react. Taking those actions in the private FB group actually won’t score points

  • You must comment on an Instagram or Facebook post within one week of it being posted or it won’t count. Please do not scroll to all our past posts and start commenting like crazy. Just hit the new ones going forward.
  • Sharing our posts and tagging friends in the comment section of our Facebook posts are the most valuable thing you can do for us. We are extra grateful for these.
  • Only top line comments will count for points. Having a full conversation on a post will not let you get a million points right then and there. Although we do enjoy our conversations!

Google review- 5
Yelp review- 5
Facebook review- 4

  • You must write something while leaving a review. Please don’t just click stars without at least writing something. Thanks for your help here.

Ninja Qualification- 10
Black-Belt Qualification- 20
Master Qualification- 35
Referral- 25 (Can come in on a trial, but must upgrade to 12 months- You can tag someone new on a FB post and if they sign up, you get credit!)
Video Success Story -15 (1-2 min, we will ask a few specific questions)
Before and After Pics- 30 (Must be compelling with at least 6% BF OR Muscle change)