June 22

Top 3 Reasons Running an Obstacle Course Race This Year Will Make You A Better Version of Yourself


Odds are you fit into one of two categories:

Either you think jumping over fire and crawling through mud is the most ludicrous proposition on the face of the planet,


Your ears instantly perk up and your intrigued at where to sign up.

My challenge is for you to give us the next 3 minutes to read this post and I can guarantee that some of you who are in the former will get switched into the latter.

Here are the top 3 reasons running an obstacle course race this year will make you a better version of yourself:

1. Turn your FITness into FUNction

Remember those monkey bars you loved hanging all over when you were a kid? Getting across them was a badge of honor back in your playground days and now you have a chance to do all of that fun stuff again!

Scaling a cargo net, conquering a wall, and jumping over huge mud puddles not only brings that inner kid back out, but gives your fitness full throttle function!

Wanna flip a big tractor tire? Cool, we can do that by building up your deadlift.

Wanna ring the bell at the top of that rope climb? Awesome! We’re gonna carve out those arms so that they don’t just look pretty, but you’ll be able to utilize the upper body strength you need to do just that!

You may not be too concerned with how much weight you can lift when it comes to sheer numbers, but trust me, if you want a reason to get strong – this is it!



2. Create A New Community of Conquerors

Throughout this process, you won’t be alone. You’ll have other warriors alongside you while you’re training and while you’re racing! When the mud gets thick and the walls seem daunting – you won’t have to worry – you’ll have someone right by your side to help encourage and push you through every step of the way.

OCRs are great breeding grounds for building brotherhoods and sisterhoods of people passionate about challenging themselves, being held accountable, overcoming obstacles, and inspiring others! Chances are by the end of this experience, you’ll have at least one new friend you know you’ll be able to count on when life gets “dirty.”



3. Gain Grit and Practice Persevering

OCRs aren’t just about how physically strong you are. In fact, a lot of the race will come down to how mentally tough you can be. The mind has a way of playing tricks on you, especially when you’re under duress and it’s easy to want to throw the towel in and say “I … Just… Can’t!”

Thomas Edison once wrote that failures oftentimes come to those who gave up simply because they couldn’t persevere – their victory was so close, and they gave up not realizing just how close they were! This is why OCRs are so amazing. I promise you after running through the mud, crawling through barbed wire, up and over walls, nets, ropes, and whatever else they throw at you – you’ll begin to think you’re not good enough, that it’s too much, and maybe that you’ll never finish- but, trust me- you somehow find a way.

And this gives you practice for real life situations when you’re stressed, fearful, tired, or overwhelmed; you just have to tell yourself, “I can find a way; I’ve got to fight; I know I can do this!”


You’ll gain mental strength when you complete an OCR, which is more valuable in my opinion than that sweet new shiny (but kinda muddy) medal you’ll be wearing around afterwards!


Author: Crystal Sain


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