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InBody Analysis

Heart Rate Based Training


Our trainers use fat burning exercises that are not just effective, but a whole lot of fun too! Some of the best exercises for fat loss are pretty non-traditional and come from the world of sports training. Your fat loss workout at RAW Fitness could include:

  • Flipping tires
  • Throwing medicine balls
  • Punching a heavy bag
  • Bungee sprints
  • Swinging a sledgehammer
  • Any of the above in almost any combination you can imagine!

You’ll be amazed to discover that the type of training we use for fat loss is not just super-effective but also great fun! Our trainers are experts at designing innovative and exciting fat burning workouts that will help you lose fat faster than you ever thought possible. Our fat loss workouts are for everyone – whether you need to lose your first 50 pounds, or your last five


We do more personal training than anything else and we know what gives our members the best experience and the best results. Ultimately we believe that you are the expert in all things you. So we use our expertise to be the “guide by the side”, while you hold the reigns of your fitness journey.Get ready to have your own personal “Yoda” who believes in you, and is equipped with every tool needed to help you get and stay in control of the way that you look and feel.


The word T.E.A.M. Has often been used as an acronym for Together Everyone Achieves More. Our high energy and smaller, more intimate group fitness classes foster just that.Expect an infectious group atmosphere, where you’ll feed off your teammates energy in an extremely unpretentious/ non judgemental environment. There will be tons of variety, fun, challenges, and victories for you to encounter in our group classes experience!


You may have heard that it is impossible to outwork a bad diet. In our experience, that has proven to be a true statement. We have mastered the art of getting people off their yoyo diets or their completely lax nutrition habits and we help empower them with effective and sustainable habits they can follow.Get ready to get some serious results by engaging with one of our Nationally Certified Nutrition Coaches.


Today’s athletic environment speaks a loud and clear voice saying that sports performance training makes a huge difference in the way athletes compete in their sport. We have significant experience helping athletes to be stronger, faster, and more precise with their movements on the field or court. So whether it’s movement skills training like acceleration or multidirectional speed, or strength and power the athlete desires, Raw Fitness is ready to take you to the next level with our seasoned coaching methods.


We have an InBody body fat scale that is one of the most accurate scales out there. By using this scale, we can tell you your resting metabolic rate (how many calories you need per day), body fat %, how much muscle you have on your body, hydration level, and more! It can get so specific that it can even tell us how much your left leg weighs in comparison to your right leg. This can be very valuable information to help us understand any dominances, strengths, and movement quality, which will then help us write very specific programs to address these oftentimes problematic discrepancies. The scale is also linked to your online cloud so you can keep track of your fat loss journey to see just how far you have come.


Each member of Raw Fitness receives a heart rate monitor belt with sensor, which is worn in each workout. On our large projection wall, we see in real time each client’s heart rate, calories burned, and effort put forth. This is helpful to ensure we are training each person individually, even in a class setting. This type of “monitoring” motivates a client to work to their maximum capacity during workouts, which will in turn create much adaptation from individual attention. Slacking is now not an option! On the flip side, we know that rest time within a workout is equally necessary for muscular, neurological, and cardiovascular system adaptations in order to accomplish fat loss and muscle gain. Heart rate based training makes it easy for us to train based off of accurate measurements, avoiding a guessing game of exertion and rest times.

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