March 6

Small Changes For A Big Impact


One of the things that mobilizes people is a feeling that they can do something meaningful and valuable right now, even if it’s small. Healthy life emerges as a result of small actions done consistently.

Here are two concepts that will help you with consistency on your fitness journey.

The concept of ‘low-hanging fruit’.
What is the easiest thing you can do right now to get you closer to a healthier you?

We all love the epic beginnings and grandiose projects (like a Thanksgiving meal prep or Christmas day). We all want to change our lives in a week and be a totally different person, right?

Of course, it’s not reality, so that’s why I love the idea of this ‘low-hanging fruit’. How can my steps be as easy and manageable as possible, and how can I do it right now?

Usually, when I present this concept to my clients they come up with some things they can do that very moment, like getting up from their desk and walking around, doing push-ups, some jumping jacks, they’ll write out a shopping list or do some food prep. It doesn’t really matter.

The idea here is this – what is it that you can do this very moment to affirm your commitment to healthy living?

Remember, it doesn’t have to be complicated or heroic. It’s just a small action that inches you towards a healthier you. It needs to be doable enough, so you can confidently say “Oh, I can do that! That’s too easy.” It is small steps done consistently that take you to your goal.

The concept of ‘doing less’.

For some strange reason everyone loves busyness. I don’t want to go on a tangent here, but I think ‘busyness’ can be somewhat an addiction. So many busy people have lives full of stuff they don’t really need and even don’t really want.

So, sometimes health is about what you add (eating more veggies, drinking more water, getting enough sleep, exercising more), but sometimes health is about what you take away (clearing the clutter/ removing inessential things/ removing stuff that drains you).

Sometimes having more energy and wellness in your life is just about taking away things that are sucking you dry.

So when I first tell this to people they ask “How can I do less, when I am so busy?” I tell them, “If you sit down and account for how you spend your time and where you spend your energy, you will be able to see the things that you don’t need nor want that are sucking the life force out of you. And if you could just remove a couple of those, you’d feel fantastic!”

So many families are over-scheduled. Somehow parents have this notion that if their kids are not in Kumon, taking ballet classes and learning to play violin at the same time, they will grow up to be non-functioning citizens.

Filling up the slots in your calendar is not the same as doing something that is truly valuable and nourishing for your body, soul and spirit. Often doing less lets you do the important things better.

What is that small action you can take right NOW (after reading my blog post) that will move you just a little closer towards a healthier and happier you? I personally have been missing out on my sleep, so I’m going to go take a nap 🙂

Coach Natalia


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