Training the Core for Speed

So you want to be fast, eh? If you have ever tried to express force into the ground and didn’t feel it was adequate, there are a number of reasons this could be so. It could be a lack of explosive leg strength, or lack of core strength and stability.

Explosive leg strength determines how hard you can press with the lower body, but core strength will ultimately determine how much of that force is translated into the ground. In other words an inefficient core will actually leak energy out of the kinetic chain. A prime example of how this principle can be felt would be to do a squat with a 45 lb barbell on your shoulders. Now squat with the same 45 lb barbell overhead with your arms extended.

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Suddenly your legs struggle to exert the same amount of force, yet the amount of resistance hasn’t changed at all. The amount of core engagement changed significantly, and it was the core that caused the increase in difficulty.

Athletes express to me their need to have 360 degree speed, so it is of vital importance to have a core that can express 360 degree stability. Here are a couple of video where I demonstrate the rationale behind core training for speed then give 4 big return on investment exercises to get the job done.