February 26

Take Ownership And Take Your Results To The Next Level!


A couple of weeks ago as I talked with a client she used the quote “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Since hearing this quote I have thought how true this is for everyone including myself.

At this point in this crazy 6 week journey I’m sure all of you are seeing results, but maybe they are not as great of gains and loses as you had originally hoped. At this stage, you have plenty of time to turn it around and see the amazing results of all your hard work.

So my challenge to all of you is to sit down and write down a set of questions or excuses you make for yourself. As little as it may seem, they can make a huge difference. I go through the same struggle on a regular basis and always end up with the same set of questions.

I ask myself how many times have I repeated the same workout? Made the same excuses for skipping out on a workout? How many times have I decided it did not matter what I ate over the weekend? Looking back on it trust me, it is way more than I would like to admit!

But admitting it is the most important part! To make a change you have to be aware of the problem. One of our Core Values that you may have seen on the wall is “Take Ownership”, and it is oh so important to make the progress you are after. Once you know in what ways you are “insane”, you can make the necessary changes.

I have my list of things to work on, so I’m asking for all of you to look back on the past couple of weeks and what changes you can make on this journey to take it to the next level. Start slow, pick one bad habit a time, once you have mastered that discipline move down the list and be ready to see the changes!!!

-Coach Jamie


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