Gyms are some of the businesses hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Before covid19, it was routine to see people darting into locker rooms with duffel bags and changing, showering, and working out together. Then the virus hit, and we realize that this may not be a sustainable way to operate in the current times…

Our model, however, was thoroughly complementary to what we already had in place in terms of small group personalized training. We already had people in the gym talking individually to trainers, and using personalized instruction, instead of a lot of different weight machines, to get the results they needed. That made it worlds easier to transition to a home training model. 

What does it mean to “talk to your trainer?” Well, as we explore what’s possible on the web, we notice some of the best kinds of training relationships that promote health and wellness for our customers are based on this kind of consultation.

First, there’s the context. Those who are relying on trainers for workout assistance are still able to tell them about their newest favorite recipes, talk about what to do outside of a fitness session, and just commiserate about the way things are now. All of that can be done virtually!

We really shouldn’t discount this kind of interaction, because it really helps with planning your lifestyle when you’re trying to lose weight, tone muscle, or do all of those things that people do at the gym.

Guided Activity

Another aspect of this is helping people to work out with minimal equipment. Again, we were on the cutting edge of this before covid19 struck. By offering detailed instructions instead of just moving people in and out of a gym, we were encouraging that kind of individual workout that people are now doing from the safety and comfort of their homes.

Another way to say this is that you don’t need a whole lot of fancy equipment to keep your body in good shape. People around the world know this, but in America, many people were accustomed to the full-scale gym experience, and that’s part of what impacted some chains of gyms so harshly when the virus limitations kicked in.

So if you want to talk to your trainer during covid19, sign up with Raw Fitness Personal Trainers and get the kind of personalized instruction that is social distancing compliant and also a great idea for when we do re-open our gym facilities.