October 3

Value Strength

The body loves to prioritize burning muscle instead of fat.
Strength training negates this by signaling to the body that it needs to keep your muscle to maintain your lifestyle of continuously lifting.
If you need to move a couch, build self discipline, or change your metabolism for the long haul, then strength is your #1 weapon.
Even faster marathon times are run by stronger athletes.
It teaches us to get comfortable being uncomfortable like nothing else.
#Valuestrength and never look back!


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Mike Montefusco

About the author

  • Strength helps your body in so many ways. I love this! How are we suppose to function in our every day lives without strength. It can be walking up a set of stairs, or carrying you baby to bed. I value strength all the time now.

  • Strong body also translates into resilience of mind. Every every personal record helps forge a mindset of a winner. Gives you confidence to push harder and explore your limits.

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