May 26

What is the big deal?


“Chest proud,
squeeze your glutes,
shoulder blades in your back pocket,
chin to your chest,
squeeze your glutes,
ribs down,
hang like a banana,
engage your core,
neutral spine,
bicep by your ear,
break parallel,
did I mention squeeze your glutes?!?…”.

Have you heard any of these from your coaches?

Chances are you hear them all day, every day and hopefully in your sleep.

So what’s the big deal?

I mean, does it REALLY make a difference as long as you’re moving?

I read a quote the other day by strength and conditioning expert, Mike Boyle, and it had me stirring over of the importance of proper form, and although pretty straighforward, you have to love the candor of Mike Boyle!

He said: “Strength is one of the best injury prevention tools in sport, but getting injured while training not to get injured is as stupid as it sounds. What trainee wants to be injured? Any takers? I gave up the macho crap years ago. I just want results”

Results without injury. That’s what we all want isn’t it?

Think of building a house.

First you need a solid foundation correct?

What if the contractors cut corners in laying the foundation?

Perhaps not properly fastening the beams and columns that support the home. Well, we all know what the potential outcome would be.

It may not be apparent right away, but eventually without the proper connections supporting the structure, something is going to give.

Likewise, when we train our bodies we naturally want to find the path of least resisitance, we may cut corners and not even know it, which in turn can lead to compensating by using improper muscles, setting us up for injury.

So how do we prevent injury? By building a proper solid foundation.

Using the intended muscle groups and using them properly is crucial in your fitness foundation. Not just moving. Our goal is to build a solid foundation, progressively making you stronger, safely!

I know when we are lifting and are asked to go down in weights or are given a modification, sometimes it can make us feel like we are going in the wrong direction as far as progress.

If we want to get stronger we should continue to go up right?

Actually the opposite is true.

We get stronger by recognizing that we may have to back off temporarily, perhaps lifting lighter with proper form and full range of motion, rather than heavy, sloppy, and compensating (causing injury and teaching your body to move through incorrect movement patterns).

We want to control the weight, own the movement, not let the weight control us. It is then that we get stronger and are building that rock solid foundation.

That is what leads to better muscle balance, proper muscle activation, joint stability, better movement all around, and decreases your risk for injury so you can actually move towards your fitness goals….and not be sitting on the side lines waiting to heal.

So the next time you hear, “Can you feel your butt? Hips down. Squeeze your glutes!” Remember, we are working on that brick hoooouse together! Let’s continue to build solid foundations and get results Raw Fitness Ninjas!

-Coach Trina


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